ONE – SSHL has improved my quality of sleep by keeping the world nice and quiet. Just put my good ear in the pillow and the noisy neighbors, barking dogs, and traffic noise instantly fade. Last summer I was on a camping trip with several people who said they didn’t sleep well from all the unusual noises in the woods. I had one of the most lovely nights of rest. In fact, I have a photo… believe it or not, this IS a well rested, very happy Dana.

TWO – it’s a lot easier to block out noisy people or loud headphones (invest your millions in hearing technology, folks!!) on public transportation. I’ll rest my jaw on my right hand with my index finger shoved in my ear, then read, think, or people-watch in peace.

THREE – it forces me to listen to people more purposefully. Since it’s harder to sort out the cacophony of sounds with only one ear, I need to watch someone’s lips when they are speaking if there is any amount of background noise. I find myself facing people, looking at their faces, and paying closer attention to their words.

FOUR – endless entertainment for friends of family. With one ear, it is not possible to sort out the directionality of sound. When my phone rings (and if I happen to hear it), my routine is to leap to action and dart frantically around the house retracing my steps until I find my phone or my husband stops laughing long enough to tell me which room the sound is coming from.